How to evaluate prices

The prices of diamonds are globally determined on the basis of the quotations on the Rapaport price list. Rapaport prices are internationally recognized and are used in every commercial exchange of certified diamonds, all over the world, between professionals in the sector and commercial operators.

The Rapaport reports the diamond prices, recorded on the New York Stock Exchange; it is not really a sales list, but a guide to determining prices among professionals in the sector.

The prices in the Rapaport price lists are expressed in American dollars (US Dollar).

How to read a Rapaport price list.

The Rapaport price lists take into account 3 of the 4Cs used in the evaluation of diamonds: Carat, Color and Clarity.

Prices between operators in the sector are determined by taking Rapaport prices into consideration (see below).

In order for the Rapaport quotation to be identified, suitable for evaluating each individual diamond, it is necessary that the latter be correctly certified and that its gemological characteristics are perfectly identified.

Monte Lab Diamonds gemmologists use the double verification criterion , so that each diamond is perfectly identified in its gemological characteristics.

The Monte Lab Diamonds offer includes, in addition to the exclusive services reserved for customers, absolutely competitive and unique price proposals for the Italian territory.

Monte Lab Diamonds branded products are analyzed, certified and sealed by professional gemologists.